Creating an invoice as a freelance writer

Once I’ve finished some good, hard freelance work, it’s always satisfying to get to the final step: sending in the invoice. I’ve heard that for some, this step can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be because you’ve already done these things: Agreed on your pay rate Kept track of your hours Your final work has

Three rad writing posts I read today

Should writers blog? This post is nearly a year old so in the internet world, that’s ancient, yo. The two reasons why you should NOT blog were a good reminder of my lack of commitment. I promise, I am going to improve! I’m going to write the three reasons I SHOULD blog on a piece of

What’s killing your ability to focus?

I have many distractions in my home office. As I am sitting here right this very second, the cat is on my lap (he moves constantly), there’s clutter on my desk, toys are all around me, and the task board on the wall keeps whispering to me, “I’m not up to date!” My daughter is