Content creation: building posts off of previous posts

Often, the hardest part about blogging is coming up with good, original content. Here’s one idea that I’ve seen on plenty of sites and use myself: build new posts off of previous posts. How is that original? Two reasons: You make sure you’re building on the previous content, not simply reposting. Remember that many visitors

5 ways to use themes for content creation

One of the hard things about posting consistently for me is coming up with good content. I often feel like I use up all my idea-generating brain cells on writing I do for clients, drying up the well for my own site! Have you ever felt the same? One trick to help you out is

promoting your brand on social media

Let’s make a list. I like nice, short posts that get to the point. Isn’t it annoying, sometimes, when you want to try out a recipe you found online, but you have to scroll through all of these paragraphs and images to get to the actual recipe? (If you’re my husband, you like reading all