24 writing prompts to get you going on your memoir

typewriter-memoirI meet with my writers’ group once a month; we share our writing, critique each other, laugh, eat, and love being together. We schedule and coordinate our monthly gatherings using a Facebook group where I’ve been dubbed honorary President. (It’s because I have computer skillz, yo.) For each month, I include some random writing prompts with the invite, and you know what? I just realized I now have a decent list of these because we’ve been meeting for several years now. Here you go, enjoy!

Writing prompts for your memoir:

  • explore your immense love for parent-teacher conferences
  • write about the last time you baked a pie
  • open a journal entry, share the first several lines, and expound
  • describe your workout routine
  • what’s straight up rad about your life right now
  • when was the last time you learned to do something new
  • what happened to your long lost love
  • are you surviving the school year
  • write about that time you drove across the entire country to live in Canada during the bleak and cold winter in spite of your SAD
  • profess your love of cats on the internet
  • I start to write by…
  • My writing environment works for me because…
  • The last time I had a dream and tried to write about it, but it just didn’t come out like Megan’s dream posts…
  • write about a conversation that had an impact on your life
  • write about one of the memorable nights of a writing class
  • write about your biggest challenge right now
  • write your own obituary
  • which parent are you most like
  • write a summer memory
  • write about a trip to Disneyland
  • write a letter to an impactful high school teacher
  • what did you dream about last night
  • what did Megan dream about last night
  • what does your life look like through the “eyes” of the traffic camera at an intersection near your home

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