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Let’s make a list. I like nice, short posts that get to the point. Isn’t it annoying, sometimes, when you want to try out a recipe you found online, but you have to scroll through all of these paragraphs and images to get to the actual recipe? (If you’re my husband, you like reading all of the background on creating food and dishes… me, I’m often dealing with a brief time span to sit at the computer and print a recipe before small children start climbing over the chair.) Well, I’ll stop rambling and get to the list.

Social Media Resources for your freelance biz (some of these I learned about from Nineveh Madsen, founder of HER Magazine, which is a great read!).

  1. Write a blog. For me, this is not only helpful for getting traffic to my site, but also a valuable tool to keep me writing. As a freelance writer, it’s important that I’m writing often and writing different types of content as well.
  2. Make memes. I’ve only done this a handful of times, but if you’re talented at this humor, it’s an easy way to get some viral content. Search for a meme generator on Google and get started with your favorite.
  3. Generate gifs. For this one, I make them in Photoshop. Google Photos will auto make these from my cell phone pics and videos for me. That’s cool when I get a notification that I have one. Or, you can use Giphy, which is a well-known site. Click on the Create button at the top.
  4. Create social media graphics. Canva has a limited choice of free designs you can use, a larger selection of pretty cheap options for purchase, and a Pro plan, which, to be honest, I have no idea the cost because I haven’t bothered looking into it. I usually find free stuff that works just fine for me. They’ve made a decent UX so it’s super simple to put these together. Eventually, I’ll get the android app for my phone, but I need to get a new phone first!
  5. Find content shared by others. Why do all the hard work when somebody already did? I like to save favorite images and gifs from Reddit. If you haven’t joined Reddit yet and don’t quite get it, here’s my introduction (reddit for dummies) to the site to help you get started. Once you set it up with your preferred subreddits, it’s an awesome tool. Here’s a good example of an image I found through Reddit. Good times…

What’s your favorite resource for creating and sharing content on social media?

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