How writing makes me happy (and why that matters for my success)

“Do what you love, and put your whole heart into it, and then just have fun,” Tim Cook once told a reporter. He was answering a question seeking advice on achieving personal success. His words were similar to Warren Buffett: “In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.”

My friend, Mary Jane, texted me earlier today. She sent a pic she took of a magazine she was reading while sitting at her son’s orthodontics appointment. It was a pic of me in the magazine as one of their writers in the issue. I realized today that I am writing things that I am proud of and will look back on with satisfaction. I feel like I’m in the right direction. I am doing something that makes me happy.

Sure, there are plenty of days where I’m also working on projects that aren’t as exciting (like ghost writing for a cyber security account), but I enjoy these as well because I understand that the more I write, no matter the subject, the better I get.

Here are my thoughts on why being a writer makes me happy today:

  1. I was published in the magazine Utah Life, which is a stunning publication, plus it’s a story about a glimpse into the life of my gritty Grandma DeeDee. Writing this piece was a labor of love.
  2. People keep on hiring me. This means that I am doing a good job. This means that I am providing a good service for them so that they are also happy. This means that I made the right choice switching careers.
  3. I play with my kids. I used to work a full-time job in the office while my son was in daycare, but when my daughter was born, my husband and I decided that I would be the main provider for our kids. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but I am happy that I am able to be with them.
  4. I feel challenged. When I am able to rise up to these challenges, I am rewarded with an awesome feeling of accomplishment. I am enthusiastic about my growth.
  5. I get to be part of a writing community, whether it’s the fabulous writers’ group I am in, the local League of Utah Writers chapter, or online Facebook groups. Writers make superb company.
  6. I can tell people, I’m a writer.

Do what you love. Be happy. Be successful.

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