Last minute Christmas gifts for writers

It’s time for another annual installment of Christmas gifts for the writers in your life.

If you want them to know you really love them, one of these will do the trick. You can hop back to my lists from years past: the original gifts, then more gifts, and even more gifts.

Here we go! This year’s list has 14 unique gifts. (Some affiliate links used, thanks.)

For the in-need-of-prompts writer: The Me-est Me Journal

Writers write.

But there’s that whole writer’s block that can get in the way. Give them some prompts. This journal digs into doing some inner work. But at the same time, it’s about celebrating you.

If that makes you squirm, move along. If you’re ready for the challenge, order one from this small business in SoCal.

For the writer who is truly amazing (aren’t we all?): Affirmation Cards

Be positive.

All ya gotta do is pull a card from the deck.

And it’s fun to snag unique gifts from Urban Outfitters. One of my favorite stuffed cat toys came from there. And yes, I purchased it as an adult. I was in college. I couldn’t have a pet in my dorm.

It worked.

For the writer needing to WiFi every corner: Nighthawk Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System 

Here’s a techy gadget for your writer that wants to access their work in progress in every nook and cranny of their home (and garden).

Listen. I’ll tell ya.

Not all mesh systems are created equally. Netgear does the job best. (I wouldn’t recommend Linksys because I don’t like their admin UI.)

Even Consumer Reports agrees with me.

For wrapping up in the FEELING of coziness: A Handmade Turkish Throw

Guess what we all crave during the holidays? COZY. Ever notice it’s all over the stores AND all over social media?

Well, I’ll tell ya.

I am HERE for the cozy aesthetic. What writer doesn’t want to be wrapped up in cozy while reading their favorite books (refining their craft), googling strange phrases like “how to kill with a butter knife” (doing research), or scribbling ideas in their notebook (creating characters)?

For puzzling a favorite magazine: New Yorker Priority Shipping Puzzle

The New Yorker consistently delivers really. good. writing. Your favorite writer may already have their regular subscription.

But do they have a puzzle?

Perhaps they need a mental break from dancing away on the keyboard to hit their words per day goal. A puzzle fits the bill.

The New York Puzzle Company Store has a whole slew of puzzles: New York Puzzle Company.

For some sweet dreaming: Lavender Linen Water

The hard-working writer needs to rest their head.

Give them a nice spray for spritzing pillows and linens before crashing into their dreams. We all like that little scent of lavender to drift us off to sleep.

(Note: Spraying lavender isn’t an instant cure for a wee bit of insomnia. I so wished it was in college. But it sure makes things smell nice while I attempt to turn off my mind and eventually conk out.)

For a little inspiration on the wall: A poetry Giclée art print

Buy a unique gift made by a graphic designer (I happen to know him and he’s pretty rad) just for your word-loving friend. I like this one and I am most definitely not a poet. I bet poets also like it.

Include some command strip picture hanging Velcro and a mat and frame for the full gift. It takes too long to hang something when you have to put nails in the wall, don’t you think?

For the life-long learner: Masterclass

Masterclass isn’t a new thing, so if you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out! My husband loves the cooking classes. I really enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s class. You can gift one class or an entire year of access. It really just comes down to how much you love your friend.

For the star-gazer: The Night Sky

Celebrate the day your friend was born—or the day they released their book—in a unique way with a print of the night sky on a specific date. Clever, right?

For the chilly writer: a heated throw 

I can NOT focus when I’m cold.

On those chilly days, provide instant heat for your writer friend through the magic of electricity.

We have this brand as a big blanket on our bed and it’s worked the best. (Previously, we bought a heated blanket from Sunbeam, but it didn’t last as long.)

For sophisticated bowls of cereal: cloth napkins

Guess what? You can use cloth napkins every day. You don’t have to save them for special occasions. We switched over and even my kiddos are down with cloth. The trick is to have a little bin to toss them in when they’re dirty. We have a metal bin behind a cabinet. My sister-in-law has some crockery. It’s also where I toss my kitchen towels when they get dirty. Then it’s easy to toss them all in the wash once a week. And these napkins, from World Market, are a great price, too.

For all the smells: a nice candle

Buy me the French Cotton!

Maybe it’s just me, but I notice the smell of my home office so much. It’s distracting when it’s lingering scents from last night’s dinner. I like the simplicity of these candles. And really, all of the scents sound olifactorily-good to me: fig rose, seat salt & sage, rose & white musk, sandalwood myrrh, and soft linen.

A candle rescues me.

For the always-improving writer: Story Genius

Think you know what makes a good story great? This book delves into what REALLY MATTERS.

It’s not about characters.

It ain’t setting.

Not even the skill with which the writer can turn a phrase matters as much as… what?

Well, I won’t give it all away but it’s an internal thing. This book is worth owning a copy any writer can mark up all over.

For the jot-it-down writer: Arteza Sketch Books

For notes, ideas, doodles, sketches, and all things random that I need to scribble out, these are my favorite notebooks. I use them to sketch up diagrams for our web guru to turn into images for the website. I also fill them up with notes from speakers, social media ideas, and quotes I like.

Buy your favorite pens—in a variety of colors—to go with it.

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  1. I’m leaving a comment because comments are fun. If lavender spray gives you dreams, I’m scared what it would do for me.

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