Defining a content creation game plan

I have been inconsistent with posting blog content on my own website. I have legitimate reasons that include two small kids demanding of my time, a house that needs a little cleaning, paying customers with writing deadlines and expectations, and a weekly soccer league. I mean, isn’t it obvious that the soccer league takes precedence

How I use pinterest to come up with blog post ideas

You’re casually scanning through one of your favorite websites, jumping from article title to title when, bam! That article. That looks interesting. That could be a blog post on your site. But, you don’t have the time to sit down and write immediately. You don’t even have the time to read through the article right

Managing my online writer presence

Not long after getting married, I bought I could finally purchase my own name domain name. My maiden name was purchased years ago by somebody doing nothing with the site. Infuriating much? I mean, come on, owner. What a waste. But I’ve got my name now and that’s a big step for me