promoting your brand on social media

Let’s make a list. I like nice, short posts that get to the point. Isn’t it annoying, sometimes, when you want to try out a recipe you found online, but you have to scroll through all of these paragraphs and images to get to the actual recipe? (If you’re my husband, you like reading all

reddit for dummies

When you first stop in to, it doesn’t look pretty. It doesn’t look like anybody has cleaned house since the 1990s. “Why,” you ask yourself, “Why is this place called the front page of the internet?” Spend quality time there and brace yourself: it may be life changing. I’ve only been on Reddit for

digital citizenship as a writer

Businesses have social media strategies because they know that in today’s industry, this is required to thrive. A writer is her own business and plays every role within, such as marketing, sales, content management, technology, and even wellness coordinator. Social media matters to writers, too. At least, it should. I created my first webpage in

writing prompts and reddit

HOW TO START. That’s an article that I could use every day. How to start getting out of bed in the morning. How to start saving more money. How to start keeping your house cleaner. How to start writing the next article, blog, or short story. Starting is one of the hardest parts of the