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Unique Trello boards for writers — how to organize your craft

Looking for the powerpoint or printable from my #Trello4Writers class? You found them! Click here for the powerpoint and here for the handout. Trello is an excellent tool for project tracking, whether individually or with a team, but the beauty of it is…

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Project management for writers and entrepreneurs

Keeping track of projects is a skill. It’s a taught and learned skill. Project managers, who have trained and tested and certified in this, are paid big bucks. Keeping track of it all and doing it well matters. As an entrepreneur and freelance…

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25 hashtags for writers on social media

I drew a resource for myself in my sketch book: good hashtags to use, as a writer, on social media. I realized that I kept repeating the same search online, looking up hashtags to use for posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I…

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