25 hashtags for writers on social media

I drew a resource for myself in my sketch book: good hashtags to use, as a writer, on social media.

I realized that I kept repeating the same search online, looking up hashtags to use for posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I never remembered them from the last time I looked some up. Thus, my reason for drawing a resource. If you’re visual, like me, it’s nice to have something sketched up, instead of just a list, but… in this here post, I’ve included a list for you as well. I’m nice like that! Picture first, then list. Hope you find this helpful, too. And if you do, share it on social media! Choose a hashtag to use. Rad.

  1. #Writing Prompt: Share good writing prompts or search for this hashtag to find some when you’re in need.
  2. #LitChat: Post questions for other writers or use this to share a writing event.
  3. #WriteTip: Share your favorite writing tips or a link to a post with helpful tips.
  4. #FridayReads: Tell people what you’re currently reading.
  5. #IndieAuthor: Posts from or for independent authors.
  6. #amwriting: Tell everyone that you’re on task.
  7. #TeaserTues: Share a teaser, or little bit, of your current project/novel.
  8. #FF or #FollowFriday: Promote friends and followers.
  9. #FP or #FridayPhrases: Share whatever you’re working on.
  10. #NaNoWriMo: For use with the crazy month of November if you’re doing the novel-writing challenge.
  11. #WritingContests: Share contests that are currently accepting submissions.
  12. #WroteToday: Get in a little humble brag, how ’bout?
  13. #WIP: Ask for a feedback when you hit a roadblock in your current writing project.
  14. #MustRead: Share a book you love or one you’re putting on your to-read list.
  15. #GreatReads: Similar to above.
  16. #PromoTip: Share tips (or search for them) about promoting your own work.
  17. #WritersLife: Share something about the life of a writer (specifically that writers will really get).
  18. #AuthorRT: Ask others to re-tweet.
  19. #WW or #WritersWednesday: It’s your day! Share any thing writing on Wednesdays.
  20. #WANA: We are not alone. Post this as you work. Writing is lonely so take a moment to reach out.
  21. #BookGiveaway: Share a link to a book giveaway.
  22. #Novelines: Share a quote from your own book or from a favorite you’ve read in another’s.
  23. #WriteGoal: Share your goal. Be held accountable by the internet.
  24. #VSS: Very short story. Post some flash fiction.
  25. #WritersQuote: Share great quotes about writing, editing, publishing, musing, and creating.

Which one of these is your favorite to use? I’m a frequent #amwriting user.

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