Lauren C. Elkins

Technical Writer, Blogger, and Logophile, Certified Scrum Master, former Business Systems Analyst

If you’re looking for a freelance writer with a strong voice and a unique background in software, technology, and carefully-crafted sentences, you found me! I can create great content for your social media, blogs, magazines, and more. Check out my portfolio for some of the examples of my work and where I’ve published. I also do ghost writing for a number of small businesses, handling their frequent blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. Also, I doodle. Here’s that portfolio, and here’s a recent t-shirt of mine over on Woot!

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How I Got Here

Once upon a time, I was an accounting major. It lasted one semester. In searching for a new direction for my college life, I returned to my love of literature and declared myself an English major.

My first career job, shortly after finishing my English degree, was working in an IT department. It wasn’t directly related to my English degree, but really, how many English majors find themselves in careers that are?

I began looking for a way to marry my two worlds of literature and computers.

I ventured off on the graduate degree path of Technical Writing: holy matrimony.

For a decade, I used my documentation skills to drive the direction of a software development team as a Business Systems Analyst.

Today, I work as freelance writer on a range of projects and sites, from website content to magazine articles, user manuals to content writing.

I have an incredible, supportive husband, who works as an administrator in the public schools, and two kids who keeps us on our toes.